Fun and Engaging

Image by Johnny Briggs


Every month, where possible, we take our residents out on day trips. Our residents love these trips and the we have a lot of fun with them. A trip to the beach, the park, or even the pub, its always a good day out.


Independent Living

We believe that keeping one's independence is vital to one's mental health. That's why, where possible, we help facilitate independent living. Whether it's an assisted trip to the bank or the post office, it's the little things that count and are valued by our residents.

Trip to Pub_edited.jpg


Our highly rated activities team are always coming up with exciting and fun things for our residents to do. This year our activities have included:

  • Flower arrangment

  • Board games

  • Bingo

  • Spa day - with lovely painted nails

  • Puppet show

  • Quiz Night

  • Birthday parties

  • Cake Baking

And the list goes on and on... Check out our Facebook page to see all the wonderful activities we do at St. Marks Nursing Home.